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About Grace J Power

Grace J Power is the founder of My Pink Wink,, My Gold Sugar and buttzit! cream. She grew up in Kalispell, Montana and worked as a Nurse’s Aid in college. She moved to Colorado when she was 19 and started her career in the beauty and health industry as a massage therapist and esthetician. In the past she has owned Body, Mind and Soul Massage, Pure Skin and Body Day Spa and Acomoclitic Hair Removal Studio. After reading the Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris, her life took a new turn. Her and her boyfriend Sean had a baby boy and started traveling around the US.

When Grace worked as an esthetician, her niche was doing Brazilian waxing/sugaring/laser. After performing thousands of pubic hair removal services, Grace discovered that darker skin on the pubic area was a common concern among many. She researched anal and vaginal bleaching and could not find a bleaching cream that she liked. She called a local chemist he suggested using skin brightener peptides since they were not being used in anal bleach creams and were less controversial than hydroquinone. After 2 years of giving her clients samples to test and provide feedback, she settled on what is now called My Pink Wink Cream. In 2013, the chemist made up an Advanced Formula for her to test that had twice the amount of peptides. The customers loved the results of the Advanced Cream so much, she started selling it regularly and started offering larger sized jars. Grace has been selling My Pink Wink Cream since 2007 and has many success stories. Now people from all over the world are buying and using the product for intimate bleaching.

Check out her first book available on Amazon Kindle, “Find Your Niche and Get Rich for Estheticians and Massage Therapists.”

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