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About Grace J Power

Grace J Power is the President and Founder of My Pink Wink which started in 2007. Grace thought the name was clever and liked that it rhymed. At first she only sold My Pink Wink Cream to her private clients in her waxing studio, but once she decided to sell the product online, she could barely keep the product in stock. She worked with cosmetic chemist and pharmacist Ben Fuchs, who ended up becoming one of her best friends in the world and they laugh about how they met over ‘anal bleaching cream’. ¬†When the product first came on the market there were only a couple other anal bleaching creams and both of them had hydroquinone as the main bleaching ingredient. Ben Fuchs suggested using skin brightening peptides which would be gentle for the more delicate areas of the body, and yet effective in achieving the desired skin shade.

Grace trusted his expertise and continues to use peptides as the active ingredient in My Pink Wink Cream. Although, in 2013, Ben suggested a new formula that had a couple different peptides that were showing faster results and they started selling the new cream as Advanced. In 2017, Grace decided to stop selling the original, regular formula and only sell the Advanced.

My Pink Wink Cream can be bought at the salon “My Gold Sugar” in Golden, Colorado. It is also sold online at Grace’s store, as well as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Storenvy.

Grace started a Youtube channel to teach people how to do sugaring and her subscriber base continues to exceed 180,000.

Check out her first book available on Amazon Kindle, or paperback version “Find Your Niche and Get Rich for Estheticians and Massage Therapists.”

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