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Anal Bleaching Service and Classes

By on May 25, 2017 in Ask Grace | 0 comments

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Over a year ago we started offering anal bleaching services at Acomoclitic Studio. We have had some salon owners and estheticians asking to learn our methods. They want to know step by step instructions and also participate with a demonstration. I know that this is one of those services that not every salon is going to want to offer, but if you are reading this and you are one of those rare individuals that would like to learn how to do anal bleaching services in your salon or spa, we can get you started. Currently we have been having estheticians or students come to our studio in Golden, Colorado. They bring a couple models so there is one person to demonstrate the service on and then one person to practice the service on. It only takes a couple hours to go through the process and also give you a lot of information about the My Pink Wink Cream and answer all your questions.
Our process is intense and yet it has not caused any of our clients to have an adverse reaction so far. The products and methods we use can be customized depending on your clients sensitivities and it’s always best to start their first treatments on the conservative side and then you can test to see how their skin reacts before getting more aggressive with each treatment. Depending on the results your client wants will determine the best protocol. Some clients will only need a few sessions and others may come monthly and make it part of a regular routine. We also recommend that clients use the My Pink Wink Cream between sessions, so we will tell you more about the product in the class and also answer your questions.
We do offer the cream as at wholesale and also can sell it so you can private label it.
Contact us at 303-353-8011 for more information and to set up a time to schedule your class. We charge $200 for the training.

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