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Proper Use of Hydroquinone Cream

Q: Reading up on skin lightening products and there are different views about hydroquinone. Some say it is one of the fastest ways to lighten darker areas, others say you should stay away from it. You have always been straight with me. What do you think of it? A: Hydroquinone cream does work well for fading skin and the stronger the percentage, the faster the results (typically). It has been banned in some places in Europe because it has been over used or mis-used. The main thing people need to do when using hydroquinone is to not use it constantly. If they do, they could potentially cause their skin to stop producing pigment which can be dangerous for reasons like the natural protection pigment provides when being in the sun. Also, it could cause blotchiness because some spots will be damaged and can’t produce pigment anymore and other spots can still produce pigment so the skin...

My Pink Wink Cream

Do you have darker anal skin and yearn for a sensual shade of pink? My Pink Wink Anal Bleaching Cream provides a safe, powerful solution to dramatically brighten skin tones in this intimate area.

Dramatic Lightening with My Pink Wink Cream

“I used the Pink Wink cream for two weeks and oh my gosh it’s amazing! I’ve gotten overall, even, dramatic lightening of the darker areas and absolutely NO reaction!”

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