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Customer FAQs

Nipple Bleaching CreamQ: What are the active ingredients in the advanced bleach cream?
A: The main ingredients that set Advanced My Pink Wink Cream apart from other brands are the skin brightener peptides: Oligopeptide-68, Nonapeptide-1.

Q: Does your cream have Hydroquinone?
A: No. It is safe to use anywhere on the body and will not bleach the skin white or make the skin blotchy.

Q: How long do I need to use the cream before I see results?
A: After 2-4 weeks of daily use, the skin will appear brighter. Keep using the product until you reach the desired shade. This can vary from 2-6 months. Once the area has faded to match the surrounding skin, you can stop using. You should not have to re-treat unless you have sun exposure to the area or a hormonal change such as birth control pills, or pregnancy.

Q: How often should I use Advanced My Pink Wink Cream?
A: We recommend to apply the cream twice daily to the area you want to fade. We have heard from clients applying it four times per day that they were getting very fast results. It would be safe to apply multiple times throughout the day.

Q: How much does the Advanced My Pink Wink Cream cost?
A: One jar of cream is $45 for a half ounce, $82 for a full ounce and $159 for a 2 ounce. You can purchase them online at and They are also for sale on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. We offer discounts on bulk orders.

Q: How long will one jar last?
A: If you are using it only on the anal area, the half ounce jar of cream should last 30-60 days. If you are using it on other areas as well, you should purchase an additional jar. The cream is very concentrated so you don’t need to use very much per application to get great results. Apply a very thin layer that absorbs in 10 minutes. Apply more often for faster results.

Q: Are there any side effects I should be aware of that may result from using Advanced My Pink Wink Cream?
A: To date, I have not heard of anyone having a negative side effect from using the cream. If you are having a skin reaction, stop using the product and contact us right away. Keep in mind other things that may have caused the irritation to the anus such as running, bicycling, shaving, irritants in the fabric of thong underwear (detergent, dyes, wool), hemorrhoids or herpes. If the skin is swollen or inflamed, do not use the cream until the skin is normal.

Q: How should I apply the Advanced My Pink Wink Cream?
A: It is best to apply the cream to clean, hairless skin. Spread a very thin layer onto the darker skinned area and let it absorb. Do not rinse it off. If you wear lotion, apply the bleaching cream first before the lotion so it can absorb into the skin. It takes a few minutes to absorb so it is best not to cover in clothing right away so the clothes don’t absorb it.

Q. Does Advanced My Pink Wink Cream contain hydroquinone?
A. No. My Pink Wink uses skin brightener peptides to fade darker pigmented areas of the body, specially formulated for the anal region.

Q: I am pregnant and my nipples, vagina and ab trail are getting darker in color. Is it safe for me to use the Advanced My Pink Wink Cream?
A: Yes, it is safe. The ingredients in the skin bleaching creams are biogenic, meaning that they already exist in your body. This is important because it ensures that they are safe and free of harmful chemicals.

Q: Is it okay to use the tanning bed when using the cream?
A: Using the tanning bed while using the cream is safe. Although tanning the area you want lighter is contradictory. If you are tanning, cover or use sunblock on the areas you are using the cream on and wanting lighter, otherwise the tanning will darken those areas.

Q: Can I get a spray tan while using the cream?
A: To have a nice, even spray tan it’s best to have clean, exfoliated skin free from all lotions, oils, deodorant and sweat. While working to achieve lighter skin tone in the darker areas of the body, it would be advised not to do spray tanning at the same time. However, if you have a special event that you want to be spray tanned for, you could take a few days off from using the cream. When you do start using the cream again, be aware that it will cause the spray tan to fade quicker in those areas.

Q: Is it dangerous to have sex or oral sex when using the cream?
A: Because MyPinkWinkCream absorbs fairly quickly and is not harmful to the body, it is safe to have sex after application to the genital area. We recommend waiting at least 15 minutes for it to absorb so that you get the best result from the product. For oral sex, the cream is not harmful to ingest in small quantities. However, it could cause the skin to have a less than pleasant taste. We would recommend rinsing off the cream residue prior to oral sex for your partner’s pleasure.

Q: Can Advanced My Pink Wink cream be used to fade scars?
A: Yes. The cream works great on fading the discoloration of scars. It also smooths the skin.

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