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About My Pink Wink Anal Bleaching Cream

Anal BleachingBleaching Dark Anal Skin Color

Anal bleaching creams are intended to brighten the darker skin color of the anal area. Not everyone has a darker anus, however, it is common that the anus is a darker shade than other surface skin areas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone if their anus and even the entire butt crack is darker in color. It does not mean the skin is dirty or stained. However, many cosmetics are made to change natural skin to what is considered more ‘beautiful’. In the case of anal bleaching, some people feel more confident if their anus is the same color as the surrounding skin. There are some medical offices who offer a special procedure using chemicals to help fade the darker anal skin. There are also products that can be purchased online to use in the privacy of your own home like My Pink Wink Anal Bleaching Cream. When using a cream at home, you must follow the instructions to achieve the quickest results.

Bleaching Skin of Entire Genital Area

Since the latest craze for anal bleaching which was dramatically made popular by the mention of it in the motion picture Bridesmaids, more people are considering not only fading the darker skin of their anal region, but are interested in fading darker skin on their entire genitalia and other areas of the body. Often, people will have darker skin on their inner thighs, knees, elbows, and nipples. Even though everyone knows that having darker skin on these areas is natural, it is still becoming more desired to have even skin tone throughout the entire body. Foundation for the face started this desire to have even skin tone. Now, because of advancements in science, you don’t need a tinted cream to blend the skin tone and make it look more uniform. You can actually use a product like My Pink Wink Cream which gradually fades the darker skinned areas to match the natural color of the surrounding skin. This type of cream can be used anywhere on the body and face that has darker spots. It has even been shown to work on fading scars that were darker in color. Once the desired skin tone is reached, the skin will stay that color unless exposed to the sun, or in some circumstances, changes in hormones (pregnancy, birth control, medications, etc.) will cause the area to become darker again.

Brazilian Hair Removal Combined with Bleaching

Many people do not know that their anal region is darker in color until they have removed the hair from their anus by shaving or waxing. The popularity of Brazilians and the desire to have ‘no hair down there’, people are realizing that their skin underneath the pubic hair is darker than desired. A gentle cream to use at home is the perfect solution. Results are usually seen after 2-3 weeks and final results are achieved in 3-6 months. Using the cream is not only effective in fading the skin, it also seems to increase sexual desire. As people, especially women, see the skin brightening, their confidence in the bedroom goes up. Fading the darker skin not only means people feel better about their body, they also feel an increase in sexual prowess.

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