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Proper Use of Hydroquinone Cream

By on Feb 23, 2015 in Ask Grace | 6 comments

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Q: Reading up on skin lightening products and there are different views about hydroquinone. Some say it is one of the fastest ways to lighten darker areas, others say you should stay away from it. You have always been straight with me. What do you think of it?
A: Hydroquinone cream does work well for fading skin and the stronger the percentage, the faster the results (typically). It has been banned in some places in Europe because it has been over used or mis-used. The main thing people need to do when using hydroquinone is to not use it constantly. If they do, they could potentially cause their skin to stop producing pigment which can be dangerous for reasons like the natural protection pigment provides when being in the sun. Also, it could cause blotchiness because some spots will be damaged and can’t produce pigment anymore and other spots can still produce pigment so the skin tone will be uneven. If you do decide to use it, just take breaks i.e. use it for 3 weeks and take 1 week off. That will prevent your skin from losing the ability to produce pigment.


  1. Seb

    March 5, 2015

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    I am interested in Pink Wink. Not only for my anal area but im curious…I have a dark neck and underarms…would this product help?

    • Grace

      March 6, 2015

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      Great question! You are not alone. Many people have the same darker areas that you describe, darker neck area and underarms. The cream was originally formulated for intimate skin bleaching, however, after a couple years of it being on the market, my customers started trying it on other areas as well and had success! One of my patients had dark underarms and I was doing laser hair removal on her. I recommended that she use the cream to help fade the underarm skin to get better results with the laser. On her next session I was blown away by the difference! It was literally night and day (pun intended). Since then, I have highly recommended the My Pink Wink Cream for darker underarms and other dark areas of the body. Check it out and report back to me what your personal results are.

  2. Hi my name is Araceli. I am the staff manager at Femme Physique Medical Spa in El Paso Texas. I am interested in offering this product to our clients. We offer laser hair removal in the bikini area. One of our most popular is the brazilian. I often get asked about intimate area bleaching cream. I am interested in becoming a pinky wink retailer.

  3. Vanessa

    July 18, 2015

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    My vagina is so much darker than the rest of my skin. I’m so insecure about it to the point where I don’t want to be intimate with the lights on. I had two babies so it isn’t exactly the nicest looking body part and on top of that the darker skin makes me insecure and uncomfortable. Can your pink wink cream be used on this entire area? My biggest concern is using chemicals on my skin. I try to stay away from anything that isn’t natural or plant based since the skin absorbs all these things. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • admin

      July 21, 2015

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      Your concern is valid and many women who have had children suffer with the same feelings. I have good news for you. You can use the same jar of cream on all dark areas and don’t need to purchase more than one jar. Although, I would recommend getting the 1 ounce so it will last longer if you are using on multiple areas. It is safe to use on all areas. The cream is all natural. My Pink Wink does not use chemicals to bleach the skin. Instead we use peptides which are proteins that the body is familiar with and so they won’t cause harm. Peptides are very powerful and are becoming more and more popular in skin care.

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